I could not stop being nervous. I really wanted to pass this stupid drivers test, since I already failed two times. I was sitting on the bench, waiting for my tester, fingers crossed. I looked at the clock ticking and I wanted to pee. When I got nervous, I got really nervous. My legs started to shake and my stomach bottled up. I was about to bolt into the bathroom, when my tester came in. She rolled her eyes as she saw me. I glared back. She was obviously annoyed that she had to be the one to get me tested. The tester, Larissa and I had a pretty interesting relationship. Larissa, a rude fat lady who saw me fail twice already. She was my tester for both times, and we are not particularly good friends. The first time I had my driver’s test, I almost crashed my car into a telephone pole, yelling “*********!” She was a very devoted Christian, and took offense to my phrase. She told me that even though my driving absolutely disgusted her, my languages offended her and her culture. I mean, how is cursing offensive to her “culture”? Even though Larissa was one of the reasons I tend to fail my driver’s tests, there was a sole reason to me being so unlucky whenever I was driving. It was not Larissa’s fault that I never passed my drivers test, although she never put me in a particularly good mood. The reason is that I never have my fingers crossed during any of the driver’s tests. For every exam at school, I cross my fingers while taking. Although it is a little bit inconvenient trying to write and erase and whole the paper with the same hand, it brought straight A’s home. I always cross my fingers on my left hand, so my right hand was free to do whatever I wanted to do.  This time, I decided to cross my fingers during my drivers test. 
Finger crossing was my special ability since it worked so well on me. My friend, have tried to cross her fingers too, but she was really bad at only using one hand. Once we had an exam at school, she could not finish the exam, and failed the test miserably with a 22%. The finger crossing, a special type of ability that I was particularly good at, did not work on my friend too well. 

Larissa cleared me out of my thoughts. 

“Can you please get in the car and drive? I don’t have all the time in the world,” She snapped at me, with her thighs shooting out from her pants as she lowered herself to get in the car. The poor purple pants were on the verge of ripping, and even though I really didn’t want to see Larissa pant-less, I did what I was told and got in the car. 
‘Okay, deep breath. Fingers crossed, check. brakes turned off, check.” I deeply inhaled and exhaled. The whole ride was pretty smooth. I slid here and there, not bumping into poles. I didn’t know that finger crossing would bring me such luck. I even parked pretty okay, getting in the bright yellow lines. 

“Hmm, you were actually not horrible this time,” Larissa looked at her clipboard, looking impressed. 

“Ha, Thanks,” I grinned triumphantly, and uncrossed my fingers. 

“But, you still don’t pass the test,” Larissa smirked, satisfied that she put me in an annoyed and bothered mood. 

“You just said it was good! Why didn’t I pass the test? This is my third time Larissa, aren’t you sick of seeing me?” I asked her, tears about to spill out of my eyes. I felt like a failure and I hated that Larissa powered over me in the situation.

“Yes, yes. You were not bad. You were pretty good actually. The finger crossing gave you a little more points… But, I don’t know, you just weren’t good enough, you know?” She searched my face for any signs of tears, and I could tell, she felt bad for me. I guess she just didn’t want me to cry. I looked down at my fingers and stared at them. I crossed my fingers then uncrossed them, then I crossed them again, then uncrossed them. 
‘Have my finger crossing abilities died out? Maybe I’m just not good at it anymore.’ I thought, crossing my fingers for the last time. 

“You know what, I’ll let you pass the test,” Larissa told me looking at me in the eye.

“Wait, why? You hate me!” I asked her.

“Actually, you passed the test… And it’s true I’m not particularly fond of you, but you passed the test. I just wanted to be able to control you, and I liked that you always listened to me.” She muttered in embarrassment, pulling her head down. After a very emotional hour of talking through our problems, Larissa and I decided to become friends. We also decided to keep all these driving stuff between us. She told me that she would be in very big trouble if they knew what she did. We strolled back to the building jamming out to Taylor Swift. 

‘Good thing I kept my fingers crossed.’ I grinned from ear to ear looking at my beautiful drivers license.