Being happy is something that every human being wants to achieve. However, as much as one wants to be happy, the standards that make one happy are often unrealistic, Because the pursuit is endless and for it has no finish line. The search for happiness will always be infinite causing one to look for that which is larger than we have. Curiosity and unrealistic expectations are the two reasons which ruin our chances of happiness and cause people to always search for something beyond. The pursuit of happiness has one in a worse state than they had before. 
Curiosity forces one to always search for something beyond what one has. One can never be fully satisfied because curiosity begs the question “But what if I had more.” Biblical Eve from Adam and Eve, is an example of someone who always had what she wanted but her curiosity led her to lose everything. Although Adam and Eve lived in paradise from food to shelter to happiness, Eve took the forbidden fruit thinking that she would be even happier. The opposite formed, for her curiosity only led to their danger and from that, the story exemplifies that no matter how happy one is, one will always be wanting more and that in itself could be the cause of one’s state of unfulfilled happiness.
One’s full happiness can never be reached because one’s expectations are beyond what is reallisitcally available. The main character, Don in the book “The Rosie Project” could never be completely satisfied with the person he is going out with because she doesn’t fit the characteristics for his “perfect women”. His characteristics are non existent and therefore he could never get a wife since he is never satisfied with any and this results in his unhappiness. 
In conclusion, Eve and Don exemplify that one will always search for more than what is available leading to self unhappiness and dissatisfaction. One should always be open minded and thankful for what is given in order to reach happiness.