By Min Park (7th Grade, Brown Middle School)

    Everyone has a hobby that makes them feel good. Mine is dancing.  I love to dance because it makes me feel special. I’m not exceptional but I love it. I go to Boston ballet School. Currently, we are organizing our annual Spring Showcase and it’s an important performance.


   I have rehearsals 11 hours a week. I also have 7 hours of class.  So us dancers got in the habit of saying,  “ Sorry I can’t, I have ballet” to the invitations or hang-outs and parties. One of my friend had to miss her own cousin’s Bar Mitzvah because of the strict rule that we cannot miss any rehearsals. Sometimes I want to quit and hang out with friends and go to the mall. Anyways, back to what I was saying, we are working our butt off to this whole “showcase” thing. We have four shows on May 4th through May 5th and it’s going to be great. 

    Our Spring Showcase is called “ The Seasons” and the music is by Alexander Glazunov. I’m in Spring with some of my Intermediate 2 friends and it really looks beautiful. In our spring dance, we have a double pirouette which is one of the hard turns to stop because you have to have a lot of balance. We also have this jump called the saut de chat and you do a split in the air. They tell us to look calm but it’s really hard because you have to dance at a really rapid tempo. Our show starts with Winter and the costumes are beautiful. It is really hard to breathe in though because it is so tight. I have a part where I go down to my knees and it was just so tight I thought I was gonna rip the costume. I couldn’t breathe at all. Our teachers and the parent volunteers, the “sewing angels” as we call them made the costumes. I just love the costumes. We have a really fragile tutu that is long like the ones from “Giselle”. I have never danced in a tutu before and it is so exciting.

    The whole rehearsal part of it is much valuable to me than the shows because we had so much fun. From the “ Tutorials of how to get into your costumes” and lectures of that we are the ones who volunteered for this, it was amazing. I really recommend having some kind of a special hobby even if it’s either making origamis or gardening or dancing. If it feels right to you, you should always keep doing it.