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By: Nayun Eom Chenery Middle School 7th grade


   What if you could go around the world in just one night? What if you could see, hear, feel, taste, and smell every culture, and actually fully experience everything? 

   On April 25th Thursday night, Chenery Middle School PTO held the International Fair. The highlight of this year’s fair was language. In the cafeteria –where during lunch, enthusiastic chatter and giggles fill the air-- long tables formed a large circle. Each table was a booth for a country. Students or families from the country were assigned to decorate 


   The booth with whatever they prepared to express their native country. The walls were covered with colorful posters and flags like a gallery. Unique aromas of traditional foods and snacks perfumed the air. Low booms and high cracks of different drums echoed. Characteristics of every individual country could be seen, heard, felt, tasted, and smelled everywhere. Visitors from Belmont and students from Chenery went from booth to booth, experiencing each the new cultures of countries. Many held quiz sheet in hand, hoping to find answers to the questions based on the languages of multiple countries, which would win them a reward.


    At the Korea booth, other students and families had filled every space we were given, with Korea’s traditional foods, clothing, musical instruments, and brochures. I helped others put up our flag, Tae Guk Ki, and displayed my poster that explained the system of Hangeul and procedure of converting English names into Hangeul. During the fair, I made name tags for people who passed by, transcribing their English names into Hangeul. They were fascinated to learn, that the simple and easy-looking letters of Hangeul, actually played an important role in Korean history. It was a tremendous power to the poor and humble, because it became their bridge to what they lacked and needed most: knowledge.   My Korean friend dressed in her Lawn Green and Persimmon Orange Hanbok, walked around serving cups of Japchae noodles. Doubtful people experimenting the new taste raised their eyebrows, surprised by the delicious flavor of Korea. A few boys sat down and played ttakji and Jegi, two traditional games that originated centuries ago.  Laughter burst from place to place 

    Two short hours went by in the blink of the eye. As the moonlight rose to the sky, people began to pack up, and clean up the cafeteria. Everyone wore enliven grins walking out the door. It perfectly proved success of the fair.  

    Most times when we hear about cultures of lands far away, they sound foreign and unrelated. It is different from what we know in our daily life. But on that Thursday night, many people escaped from the conservative assumptions, and reached out to a new world. A wall that kept us from seeing afar melted away that night, and the new perceptive of our universe, our minds were forever changed. This year’s International Fair was more than merely a chance to enjoy and experience something new.

   It was inspiration; a whole new perspective, and a revolution of lifetime