One of my all time favorite books are the “Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. I love this book so much because John Green actually writes like Hazel. IT is very well written and I can totally feel what the kids are going through in the book. Hazel is the main character of the book, who tells the story. She had lived through cancer and she is still living through it.     


     Hazel’s mom thinks Hazel is too anti-social so she sends Hazel to a weekly support group. She is bored out of her mind but then, a new boy catches her eye. His name is Augustus Waters. Soon enough, she and Augustus talk to each other about everything. They start dating. Hazel shares her favorite book, An Imperial Affliction, with Augustus, and together they obsess about the unsolved ending. Augustus manages to get to the author. Augustus and Hazel are invited to come to Amsterdam to discuss the ending of the book with the author, Peter Van Houten. A fan’s dream come true, right? They go to Amsterdam and have beautiful and romantic times, but when they meet Peter Van Houten, it doesn’t exactly go as planned. First of all, he’s a mean drunk. Second, he doesn’t answer any of Hazel’s questions. Hazel is awfully upset, but Van Houten’s assistant Lidewij takes her and Augustus out to explore Amsterdam. 

    In the meantime, Augustus and Hazel’s good friend Isaac is losing his eye (the only one he has left) so that he can be cancer-free at long last. In the process though, he also loses his girlfriend Monica, who can’t “deal” with having a blind boyfriend. Isaac has a hard time dealing through this situation so Hazel and Augustus struggle to help him out. Augustus and Hazel come back from Amsterdam, but Augustus’s cancer is returning. I really don’t want to say more, because I don’t want to ruin the book. I hope I motivated some people out there to read this book, because it is such a wonderful book and it has won many awards such as:
#1 New York Times bestseller
#1 Wall Street Journal bestseller
#9 The Bookseller (UK) bestseller
#1 Indiebound bestseller
New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice
Starred reviews from Booklist, SLJ, Publisher’s Weekly, Horn Book, and Kirkus

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