I experienced Marine Sports for the first time in Korea. Marine Sports are all activities on water. There are many kinds of them such as the banana boat, the peanut boat, the flying fish, the disco pang pang and the jet ski. My cousins and I rode all of them. First, we rode the peanut boat, which moves from side to side and it splashes a lot of water. We got a lot of salt in our eyes after it. Then we rode the banana boat, and we fell off the boat in the middle and it was super fun. We also rode the flying fish which stands up vertically and you feel as if you are actually flying. The disco pang is just like the peanut boat except that you only use your arm strength to support yourself from bouncing right off the boat. It makes your arm hurt like crazy afterwards, but it was just really really funny to see my cousins struggling to hold themselves up but couldn’t. After all the rides, when we were off the boat, the guy who owned all the boats told us that he would let one person ride the jet ski for free because we rode so many of the other ones. I decided to be that one person because everyone were scaredy-cats. He told me to hold on tight and we zoomed off. The water was gross so I didn’t want to drown in it. We almost fell off the boat and the water splashed all over my eyes and it made the salt and the sand dissolve in my eyes. All the other kids looked jealous after I told them my experience. I was pretty proud and full of myself.


    We rode the Zip track which is just coming down on a rope from a building high up in the sky. I have never experienced zip lining so I didn’t know how scary it was. It was coming down from the 20th floor and I thought I couldn’t do it. At the last moment ready to jump off,  I told them I wasn’t going to do it, but the lifeguard just pushed me off. Before he pushed me off, he told me that it was much less scary than any kind of rollercoaster from a theme park. I didn’t open my eyes for the whole 45 seconds across the ocean except for the time when they clicked my picture. We decided not to buy the pictures because they didn’t fully show that we were really high up in the sky and I looked scared out of my eyes. The zip track really cooled us from the hot weather.
It was so much fun hanging out with my cousins and riding all the marine sports and the Zip Track across the ocean. We all had so much fun seeing everyone and I am so excited to go anywhere with them next time. I’m so sad that my visit in Korea will be so short because it is so much fun seeing all my cousins and friends and aunts and uncles and grandmas and my one and only grandpa.