This year, I am going up to eighth grade, which means more expectations and more work. However, I have heard that from most people that, eighth grade was their best year, so I am hoping to make it my own best year too. I am currently on Maroon team out of the three teams. There are divided into Indigo, Maroon and Violet. I love Maroon team; I have the best teachers for every subject. My science teacher is my homeroom teacher and he is very easy going and relaxing. My English teacher expects a lot from students, but does support for them as well. I have to say, she is one of my favorite teachers. She is also very hilarious. My math teacher is a new teacher and he makes you have fun in math class. He explains everything very wisely and has his own way of contributing things. My history teacher is very environment friendly. I know that sounds weird, but he takes care of the school a lot and he makes sure that all of the students have a happy environment in school. It really makes me feel much more comfortable and open to the classes. Through out the upcoming school year, the eighth graders have a trip to sargent camp, Six Flags and lots of other fun things to do. The teachers are always saying that, now that we are the oldest kids of the school, they will give us a lot more freedom but it also means a lot more responsibility and expectations. 


Besides than school, I will be taking classes in the Boston Ballet School. I am very excited for this year, because it might give me a chance to improve my technique a little further. Yesterday, I went to class for the first time of the year and my legs started to shake tremendously. It was awful and so embarrassing when the whole entire class was watching me and I was sweating so much and my legs weren’t mine. I didn’t take any summer classes and I was really sore after that two hours of class. Usually I’m just mostly hungry after classes but this time I felt like a need of a good rest. I really hope to get a good part in auditioning for the Nutcracker and spring showcase. Even for a spring show if I’m lucky. 

I am wanting and dreaming for a lot of things this year, such as going into all honors next year, which is a big hope for me because most of the time, that never happens. I also want to skip Advanced one (my next ballet level) if possible, because some of my friends got moved up and I’m really anxious to get moved up too. This year is going to be hard and special at the same time, since it is going to be my step up year from middle school to a high school and I cannot believe how fast the time went by in middle school. The first time when I was writing this Newspaper, I was talking about how seventh grade is going to be so much harder than sixth grade and now eighth? The time went by so quickly and I really cannot believe it. I am hoping a lot of things this year and I do hope that most of them will come true soon. I really love kicking up a new year with a good start and I think I did. This newspaper made me think about my year a lot, because I’m supposed to write about my school and the life around it. I hope all the things that I mentioned in this article will become quite true.