I go to the Boston Ballet School and I love dancing. My life consists of eating, sleeping, going to school and of course, dancing. But what I love more than dancing is volunteering with the little kids. They are so adorable but they also love it when I come and teach their class. They love me! For my ballet school, we are allowed to help out with the little kids before or after your classes. So sometimes I go and help out with some classes for the little kids. 

   The class that I help out is Elementary 1 kids. They are the youngest kids in the whole entire Children’s program. They are learning stuff that are lot easier than my class, because I am in Advanced 1. They are only about eight years old and they love it when I come in with pointe shoes. 

“ Do you wear pointe shoes?” A girl asked me before her class started. I thought it was so cute how she was so excited about pointe shoes so I let her see mine. She told me that she really wanted pointe shoes like mine, and I let her wear mine. Don’t worry, I would never let her go on it. When I help out her class, the teacher tells me to help them by stretching their feet or going around and telling them to stretch their knees. It is so much fun because I feel that the kids really are learning something from what I am teaching them. They all call me Ms.Min which is so funny because I’m not that old, but at least they don’t call me Mrs.Min or Mr.Min. When that class ended, a girl came up to me and told me that she wanted to be like me when she got older. I thought that was the sweetest thing I had ever heard.

   They are learning “sur le coup de pied” which is a position where you wrap your feet around your ankle. They think it is so exciting how you get to use your feet on your ankles and not just basic stuff. A kid that I really remember from the class is a little girl named Megan. She had really red hair and she would always talk in class and get in trouble. I thought she was the cutest little thing ever when her curly hair fell out all out of her bun. She was afraid that the teacher would get mad at her, but the teacher didn’t get mad and just told me to help her. I made sure that her bun was tight and secure and that all the bobby pins stayed in her hair. I told her that her hair was so pretty when she was so upset that her hair kept falling out of her bun. I am going to do her bun every single week from now on. 
    I love helping out the little kids because I feel so responsible and mature. I feel like a real teacher teaching my own class. I would like to help out every week from now on if I could. I am so excited to be able to help the little kids because they are so sweet and fun.