By Min Park (8th Grade, Brown Middle School)


During the fall time, apple picking is a big deal here in Boston. It’s fun, profitable, but most of all, you get a sweet treat to bring home. Every year, I go to a farm for apple picking with my family. At the farm, you can pick blueberries, apples–obviously, and all sorts of other fruits depending on the season. 

When I first went apple picking, I was about nine years old and it was a new experience for me because you can actually eat the things that you take. We all took a basket and started picking the apples. It was not too hard, considering that they were on a tree. My sister won one of the farm’s little competition, because she picked a giant apple about the size of a pretty small head.

After the apple picking, some people made apple cider with their freshly picked apples. The farm had a really old-looking, wooden apple cider maker and we had to get in line to get ours pressed down into the machine. The apple cider was really sweet, and it was even better than the store bought ones and it didn’t even have sugar or any sweetener in it! The farm also had a little “farmer’s market” on the corner and it had everything from baked goods to meat and milk. You could also buy the picked apples and the already made apple cider. They also had some farm animals such as goats, pigs, cows and chickens. I saw some workers milking the cows and it looked really cool. The farm had hay everywhere with a big playground filled with kids running around. It looked more like a giant fair to me considering it practically had everything.


I had so much fun there and our apples and cider lasted us so long because we picked so many apples. I also made apple pie and and gave it all out to our neighbors. I think apple picking is a great way to spice up your boring autumn weekend and pick some delicious fruit to bring home. It’s healthy and yummy. 

Autumn practically means apple harvest time in New England, plus it’s fun and you get to spend time quality time with your family. Everyone should go to their local farm and pick apples and have fun with with their family during the fall time!