This weekend, I went to downtown Boston and saw so many things that I had never thought Boston would have. I have lived in Boston for almost six years now and never known that Boston is such a fabulous city. Of course, I have been down there millions of times. I had to go there to rehearse for Boston Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” every weekend and thought I knew all about Boston. But, the truth is, I never knew Boston has so much culture and history that no other city does. 

I usually take the T, the subway. But, when I go with my family, we drive down there. It is pretty annoying with a car because it is hard to find a parking meter. Luckily, we found one pretty quickly this time. We went to Quincy Market, which is a wide two-story building with a lot of restaurants, such as seafood places, Chinese food places, bakeries, ice cream places, cafes, and many different stores. It also has stands that sell hoodies, sweatpants, and magnets with “Boston” on. I love getting lobster candies because I guess lobster is the one that represents Boston. It is red and made of pure sugar, really sweet and probably very bad for your health. 

Walking outside of Quincy Market, you see lots of malls and clothing places. You can also see people feeding the pigeons their leftover food, and notice that trees are already decorated with Christmas lights. I feel that the best time to visit Boston is winter, preferably Christmas. The city has beautiful decorations and a lot of festivals because winter is so long in Boston. Also, there are so many ice rinks in the winter and it is so fun getting in the spirit of “Sweater Weather”. If you roam through enough, you will find the statue of Paul Revere. Boston is the city of history so it is really easy to find historical museums that show a lot about the colonists and their living in Massachusetts. In Quincy Market, you can find Faneuil Hall which was a very famous meeting hall that people used very often. People like Samuel Adams gave a speech there and you will be able to see many different statues of people who made a difference in the country. 
Another important place I went to was the Holocaust Memorial. It consists of six glass towers dedicated to the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust. It has stones on top of the engraving. When I tried to touch them, my mom told me to stop because the stones meant the respect for the people who were killed. It also has heat coming off of the towers. It was really useful because it was freezing when we were there. 

Boston is my favorite city out of the whole entire country. It holds so much knowledge, history, and culture of the country. I really hope that everyone visits downtown Boston because I learned the new things that I had never known that Boston has.

Written by: Min Park