Thanksgiving is a special holiday to celebrate the things that you are thankful for.

However, I never liked Thanksgiving that much except for the food part. I never thought that it was fun in any way until this year. In the past years, Thanksgiving disappointed me because, unlike Christmas, I never got any present. But, as I get older and more mature, I have learned that Thanksgiving is not to celebrate yourself but to celebrate the things you are thankful for. “In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies” ( The Plymouth people celebrated the first Thanksgiving because of their great harvest that year and they were thankful for it. 

This year, I started Thanksgiving off by eating a lot of food, then more food, then more food, including a nice turkey. My favorite food at the dinner table was shrimp with some sauce on top. It was a kind of sushi and was very good. I had a party with my family friends playing monopoly and eating more food. We also watched “Catching Fire” and I really loved the movie. I had already watched it the night before, but it was so good that I agreed to watch it again. We stayed up all night having fun and talking. The next day, I was thrilled not to have to go to school. Since it was Black Friday, I went shopping with my friends. We bought a lot of clothes and Christmas presents for my family and friends. We had so much fun. We went in almost all the stores there and they had amazing sales. Black Friday is the beginning of shopping season for the holidays. There were a lot of new winter products including clothes and scents. After shopping, I decided to end the night by having a sleepover with my friends. We watched endless episodes of lame shows at Disney Channel and funny movies. We also had a fashion show and put makeup on my friend’s younger sisters. It was so much fun and we barely got any sleep. 
This year’s Thanksgiving meant a lot to me. In the past, Thanksgiving meant nothing but the list of food. However, this year, I learned to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day and truly enjoyed Thanksgiving for its original meaning. Thanksgiving is a day to thank your parents, family, and anyone who supports you in life, and to have a great time with them.