The author of Eleanor and Park told Newton South students to read until words feel toxic, in order to write well. 

Rowell came to Newton South high school to answer questions and talk with the student since her book was chosen for the “One School One Book” at Newton South High School. She said that the idea of a whole entire school reading her book made her want to talk with the students, and thought that it was very cool of a whole school to read her book. “This is really cool that a whole school read Eleanor and Park…I’m excited to be here.” 
During the Q and A with Rowell, she answered a lot of different questions about how she came up with the characters Eleanor and Park. “... I think they sort of came up with my own experiences… like, my husband wears black trench coats so Park wears black Trench coats… Eleanor is a little bit like me, the place where Eleanor and Park are, the neighborhood is very similar to the one I grew up in.” She gave South students ideas on how to create characters but also how to write a book. “ books until you feel toxic, and the words feel toxic until you are spitting out words.” She told students to write when you have the time in high school because when it actually becomes a job, it’s very stressful. “High School is a great time to write things because it is really hard to make time to write when you have kids. There is hardly any time. But after it became my “real job” it felt stressful because I felt like I had to write something with the time I had. I felt like I was knitting or something.” 

Students poured in questions about the last three words that was on the letter that Eleanor sent to Park. “Eleanor nevers says “I love you” to Park, but she says “I miss you” a lot. That is her way of saying “I love you”...This is a very popular question that I always get...Some people even leave me tweets cursing at me just because of the way I wrote the book… Before my husband read the book he told me that I should be able to write the ending however I want, but after he read the book he was like ‘How could you?’... I didn’t show the last part because I wanted Park to enjoy his moment by himself, instead of me telling everything that happened.” Students had different perspectives about the Q and A. Some other questions that was often asked was if Eleanor and Park ever end up together. Rowell told the students that she thinks that if they ended up together, they will not be forever together, but maybe end up with each other at the end. Some students felt that it was very helpful that she came and answered the questions that they had for the book, but some did not. Some said that Rowell talked too much about her personal life instead of the book and that they wish she talked more about the book and about how Eleanor’s family end up and how Eleanor and Park end up after the book ends. Rowell also announced that Dreamworks is making a movie of Eleanor and Park and that she had trouble deciding if she really wanted the movie made or not.