Two weeks. Several paper cuts. Hard work. One representative. For two weeks I saw my hands thrumming rhythmically across the plastic keyboard trying to make the words come out of my fingers the right way. For two weeks I was writing my speech to become my high school’s class secretary. 

Several people were running for president, treasurer, and secretary. I specifically had wanted the spot of secretary, because I could plan events for the school well, as well as the fact that I wanted to learn how to be more organized especially in such a big school. I had done student council and representation in the past and I felt that I would be able to help my school that way. It wasn’t easy competing for the spot though.

All of the candidates had posters with their faces on them with witty logos on the front. This was probably my favorite way of discreetly showing that I wanted to affect the school responsibly and positively while still showing that I had wanted to have fun with the experience. My friends helped me hang a hundred posters around the school and their support really helped me to continue campaigning around the school. 

As the day of reading our speeches came closer everyone became nervous. I read my speech over hundreds of times trying to make sure if I could get my message through. Then the day came where each and every one of my contenders had to go up on the podium and read what we believed would allow us to show others why we wanted to be a part of the student body. The stage was bright and I forgot that the crowd of 500 students was there. I read what I believed I could honestly do for the community and the high school and stepped off with a smile. It had definitely been the hardest thing I had done as a freshman, but it was an amazing experience, being able to look at my class and tell them exactly what I believed I could achieve. The other students read their speeches as well. The speeches varied from being comedic to very serious and intelligent. Listening to them gave me an insight on what other student leaders thought and it showed me what others thought. In the process of giving the speeches, opinions were shared such as equality in the student body as well as ideas for many high school events such as spirit weeks. Just the reading of the speeches was a great opportunity for me.

When the speeches ended, my hands were clammy and I couldn’t sleep the night before the voting results came in. The next day I would have to vote for the treasurer and the president. The voting day was a very hard and long day for all the candidates. It was hard for me to keep my head high as I heard people saying they wouldn’t vote for me and I kept in mind that I had tried the best that I could. Also, as I voted I tried to keep an unbiased brain and vote for who I really thought would do a good job leading our class as president. At the end of the day the intercoms went on and everybody stopped giggling, reading, and writing down notes. I stared straight and crossed my fingers as I smiled at the intercom. Even if I hadn’t won it would be a great opportunity. And then they said my name for secretary followed by a round of applause. 

Those paper cuts and my tired fingers paid off and for the first time I learned what is was like to get what I really wanted. Now I have an opportunity to decide how the money our class has raised will be used. I hope that I will be able to encourage a stronger reading system by adding more books to the catalog as well as support music at my school by providing instruments for students who cannot afford to buy an instrument. Something I am looking forward to contribute to in student council is to create bake sales and fundraisers for the trip to Spain that my school offers as well as the orchestra trip to Italy. I had so much fun and experience running for secretary and I highly recommend it to any high school students who are considering running.