I recently read a book that I really enjoyed, and this is how I think about it’s theme that is plotted all throughout the book. Also, the author very well described relationships and love that is exemplified in her book. 

Jean Ferris wrote Once Upon a Marigold and she really shows how relationships between friends and family can really develop into tighter relationships or even love. 
Christian and Princess Marigold first vow that they will be best friends forever, then they fall in love with each other. Jean Ferris well showed how love relationships can fully develop. When Christian first starts spying on Marigold with his telescope, he instantly falls in love with her. He sends her a p-mail(pigeon mail), and they become best friends. 

“ You seemed so absorbed in the book, I wanted to know what you were reading’,... ‘You can see me?’ (49)” Jean Ferris shows the readers that Christian is just contacting Marigold, this is the “seed” to their relationship. Unfortunately, Christian has no social life whatsoever, so he decides to run off into the castle to learn more about Marigold. He gets hired as one of the servants in the castle. When Christian barges into Marigold’s room, Marigold doesn’t know what he looks like or even his name. She learns eventually that she was p-mailing Christian the whole time. The author really shows that Marigold has strong feelings for Christian even when they first met. “ ‘ I should have known it was you. When I first touched you, I knew you were thinking warm thoughts about me’ ”(150). Their relationship starts growing starting from a friendship, and their “seed” starts to open up and bloom. 

There is another relationship that Ferris strongly shows throughout the whole book, it is the father and son relationship between Ed the troll and Christian. Christian was adopted by Ed when he ran away from home. Ferris writes, “ ‘My name is Christian…” The boy said, “ I’m six, I have never met a troll before’ ”(7). The two people were complete strangers, and the author really develops that. Even though it is completely unreal that one will meet a troll, but Ferris shows the ignorance of Christian and the throwback to his younger age helping readers understand more about the book. As the book deepens, there comes a time where Ed has to go to the rescue for Christian. “ At the moment of impact, Christian discerned that they were… Bub! And Cate! And behind them, brushing himself off, was Ed” (159). Ed shows that even though he doesn’t look that interested to be a parent of anybody, he will help his adopted son even if it means that he would end up in jail. Jean Ferris, author of Once Upon a Marigold really develops the characters’ relationships into something different and bigger that tells the readers about love and true friendships.