Your hands are shaking from the frosty air and you seem to have nowhere to protect yourself from the the Immanuel United Methodist Church on 545 Moody Street in Massachusetts devotes their love and donations to those who are in difficult situations. 

    This church shelters an organization called the Bristol lodge. Bristol lodge includes a soup kitchen which opens at 2:30 seven days a week. Volunteers serve coffee and pastries to those who may need a quick pick-me-up on an afternoon.  

    Rotary groups from churches and charities provide hot meals and savory refreshments each day; on August 8th 2013, the Boston West Presbyterian Korean church served teriyaki chicken and shrimp stir-fried with rice. The organization also provides 44 beds for men, as well as sleeping quarters including 12 beds for women and another room for women with children. 

    Volunteers give these people who don’t have homes a place to lay their heads, but it’s the charitable people in the world who donate gently worn clothes, books, and toys to “yogi and boo-boos”; the donation center in the church which is open from nine to eleven in the morning on Wednesdays for Waltham’s people on the street who may be needing a pair of mittens or maybe even a book to catch up on. 
    Helpers from college and high school fold and make sure the clothes are wearable. “Yogi and boo-boos” started in 2008, and for five consecutive years the donation room has been filled with warm donations, and I felt the same thing as Mr.Tony Beauvel when I walked into the giving room, “I feel great, even if all I’m doing is finding someone shoes,” Beauvel quotes. Believe it or not the church also makes canned foods available to take and go on the second floor of the church. 

    The volunteers, donations, and shelters truly show how much dedication and time these people of Waltham are willing to give for their community and those in need.

Julia Chun