It’s that time of year again: Halloween, when kids run around the streets wearing the scariest and the most interesting costumes they could pull off. It is also known as the time to get free candies from strangers. These days, kids look forward to Halloween as much as they do for Christmas, and that’s pretty big. But, haven’t you ever wondered if Halloween is dangerous? Well, I think Halloween is very unsafe for kids and an awful holiday to celebrate. It does not mean that I have been always not fond of Halloween. It just came to me this year, 2013, when I handed out candies with my friends for the first time. 

As I was placing all my candies into my giant basket to hold it out, it just came to me. What would happen if a crazy guy or a girl, not to be a sexist, old women or men, uses old candies from seven years ago because that is all they have in the house? Or even worse, put some kind of new disease that no one is prone to into the candies? No one would ever know. I know that these are crazy thoughts, but it can happen. Actually, if you don’t know your neighbors well enough, I would put a safe bet that it is pretty likely to happen. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it is pretty unsafe to trust someone completely. We hear it on the news every day. Think about everything that has happened this year. A guy shot students and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, and Boston Marathon was bombed, I mean “The Boston Marathon” was bombed. Not to be negative, but there are endless possibilities that could happen to someone who is trick or treating at night. They could be kidnapped, be given out bad candies, get in trouble with gangsters, and so much more. 

Before Halloween became a “let’s stuff our faces in candy” holiday, Halloween had been a very scary holiday. In the “olden days”, people would dress themselves up to scare out any ghost or monster. Now, people dress as Miley Cyrus, kitties, and giraffes. Not to be rude, giraffes don’t scare me. If we have lost the meaning of Halloween, why are we even celebrating it? 

Halloween is a big deal here in the U.S. and it has influenced a lot of other countries too. But, if it is dangerous and we don’t even get the point of it anymore, why are we celebrating it? Parents are very strict about safety, but aren’t they taking a risk of letting their kids go trick or treating? I think Halloween should be stopped because it provides kids an excuse to put themselves in danger.