By Min Park (7th Grade, Brown Middle School)


   “Dear ladies and gentlemen, the shows have begun!”  The whole atmosphere was exciting. The first scene was Winter. I was Spring so I had to wait in the wings and I was so nervous. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom or needed to cough. Winter was the most dramatic one of all of the seasons. It was slow tempoed and it started with a principle solo. It began with the sotay and ended with a big potash which is one of the most common jumps of ballet. The costumes were absolutely beautiful. The winter was a two-toned tutu with a purplish grey with fading blue. They looked like the Queens of the ice. They all had tiaras on with blue sparkles on them. We all sweat so much that our costumes were soaking wet from the sweat. 

   When the winter girls ended, I high-fived them and smiled at my partner on the other side of the stage. Then I walked down the stage. My costume was bright baby blue and we had pins on our bun. The torso part was so tight that I couldn’t breathe. I figured that it was from the Nutella my friends and I gulped down with spoons before the show. The light shone on my face and I pushed the energy through my fingertips and toes. I made sure that I came up at the right time when we were doing the Port de Bras which is a movement we do through the air. It was important to do them all at the same time, or else it would look awful. When I was done with my part, I ran offstage as gracefully as I could while the Summer girls came in.

    I loved the summer costumes. They looked like watermelon because they are pink and green. The bright green and pink leaves went straight down their neck and gave an impression of them having a tattoo of flowers. The bright pink hair piece looked really nice and made them look like fairies. Then autumn started. 

   Autumn has the hardest steps starting from balances where you sway side to side and they had to match each other very well. They had maroon colored costumes with crackling leaves on their shoulders. It really looked tree-like and I loved it. Then we had the finale which I like because we get a lot of claps. I feel as if people understand and appreciates the work that we have put into this performance. Before the final performance, our school principal gave us a speech that we are way behind where we are supposed to be, as in we are doing a very bad job. This was a wake up call for everyone and we worked harder and put our best work into the performances. After all of our performances ended, we had a cast party and enjoyed our great achievement. Our cast party made us relax and we gobbled up cookies and cake like hungry pigs. I felt all of these mixed emotions of happiness, sadness and hopefulness at the same time. Spring Showcase is the end of the year show so we feel as if the year has ended when Spring Showcase ends.