I walked the AIDS walk this weekend and it was tiring but made me feel good about myself for helping others. The AIDS Walk is about people gathering together to walk for people who are suffering from AIDS but cannot get medicine because they don’t have enough money. When we walk the AIDS Walk, people see us walking and donate money. We also collect donations. My school, the Brown Middle School is third place of raising money.  First place is John’s Team, second is The Ragon institute of Harvard and MIT and third is Brown middle school. We raised over $20,000. This year, it was over 90 degrees so it was very hot. It made it harder to walk because everyone was so sweaty and gross. When we were walking near the Charles River, there were dogs swimming and people tanning. I really wanted to swim too. Some kids were just sitting on the grass and dipping their feet in the water instead of walking. 

     Fun fact: You lose more calories if you walk in hot weather rather than cold. We started at the Hatch Shell, on the Esplanade in Boston and a lot of the roads were blocked. On some roads, there were police stopping the cars so that we could walk through and on some places, the roads were just blocked with a “DO NOT ENTER” sign. There was a lot of traffic nearby and we walked not on the sidewalk but on the street, so that was really fun. It was just very hot overall so that some ladies were walking in their bikinis and most guys took their shirt off. They have volunteers that have an “ obey me” shirt on them so they tell us where to go. During the walk, they handed out some chips and drinks. I chatted with my friends, and my mom came to support me. Some of my ballet friends were there and it was really fun seeing them. After the walk, we got coffee and snacks to fill us up. Last year, they gave us more snacks and more drinks. They even baked cookies! But this year was a little disappointing on the snack part. They gave out more healthy stuff such as granola bars, carrots and veggie sticks. We also got a bag, a toothbrush and an emergency kit as thanks for walking. When I got to the finish line, I felt mixed emotions such as as being happy that it’s over and relief that I finished it. My mom was waiting for me on the finish line.  I was very proud of my school that we did something helpful for the world. I am definitely walking again next year.