“The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” are both very popular books that were made into movies. I watched “The Hunger Games” last year when it first came out and it was a big hit for everyone. I also watched “Divergent” a few weeks ago and thought that they were both very similar. 
First from the books, the first of the two books “The Hunger Games”, is about a girl named Katniss who has to fight in the annual Hunger Games, which is a game that her government created for enjoyment. The book is in a dystopic setting where the residental class your in depends on your district. She is a tough girl who fights and hunts for her family. “Divergent” is about a girl named Tris who has to choose a fraction so that the government has the power to be able to control the people. Divergent is a group of people who the government cannot control. The government aimst to kill all of the Divergent people and Tris is one of them. I think even the plots of the books are pretty similar. They are both about girls fighting for their rights in their dystopian world. 
In the movies, “The Hunger Games” has the main character Katniss played by Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence became famous after the Hunger Games. In “Divergent”, the main character Tris is played by Shailene Woodley and people are saying that she is the “new Jennifer Lawrence” because they are both easy going and have a down to earth personality. 
When an interviewer asks Shailene about being compared to Jennifer Lawrence she answers, “I feel that comparison always leads to despair—all of our insecurities, lack of confidence always come from comparisons when you were a kid. You’re constantly comparing yourself to someone else. In this industry, it’s inevitable that people are going to be compared. If they’re going to compare me to anybody, Jen is who I would choose. She’s incredible!”(Inquirer.net)
Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence also gave some advice through email to Shailene Woodley about the movie “DIvergent”. Shailene said that the email helped her a lot with her acting and that she really loves having Jennifer Lawrence giving her advice. The actresses are very similar but they like being compared to one another. I think that both of the actresses are beautiful in their own way even though they are very similar. I really enjoyed both of the books and both of the movies. I hope people get to watch it, too.