8th grade is almost over and vacation is right around the corner. My middle school experience made me think a lot about myself, my life and what I want to do when I grew up. My experience was not all that different from other peoples except starting from this year. My dad starting living away from us starting from this year, which was a tough time for me. No, my parents did not get a divorce, but he just didn’t like living here in the US and wanted to become a politician in Korea. According to my mom, he always wanted to become a politician but never got the time to since it required a lot of time, and effort. We had to respect that decision because he lived here for six years for us so he could live wherever he wanted to now. He comes every two months and stays here with us for about two weeks. I was pretty unstable the first few months after he left which was the beginning of my eighth grade year. I was not able to sleep at night because i was scared of the dark for about a month. I just felt really sad empty that my dad wasn’t here. I felt like he was the protector of the family, and since he was gone, I felt like something would happen to my mom, my sister and I during the night. My mom thought I was crazy because i never acted that way before. I was always worried about everything because that made me feel safe. Now, its the end of eighth grade and I got over it completely. I think I just matured a lot and learned that I didn’t need to worry all the time, about everything. 

Something that helped me get over that fear was probably church. Even though I am probably the worst christian at my church, it’s still important to me. Half the time I did not show up to church which is awful but I just felt like I needed to be accepted by the “church crowd” which was actually the complete opposite. At the retreat, I made friends with a lot of the people at my church and it was a fun experience. I got blessed by so many people. I’m still working on becoming a better christian, but I know for sure that I want to become a better christian and that I want to go to church and praise God. Church helped me to know that God is there and I’m not alone and to not be afraid. 

I also made new friends in middle school instead of just being friends with the same exact people every year. During 6th or 7th grade, I was that one kid that stayed with the same exact people instead of moving on like everyone else did. I’m actually glad that I moved on too because I made so many new friends and it feels better to have more diversity of friends than just a single group. 

Middle school for me, was a pretty decent experience. I had my own ups and downs but at the end, it worked out. But most importantly, it made me realize how close I was to my high school year and being an adult. I think being in elementary schools are I really enjoyed my middle school experience because I think I got to experience all of middle school.