This weekend, my family went to Acadia and Bar Harbor in Maine. We stayed for four days and it was a great trip. I have been to Acadia and Bar Harbor about four years ago and we did the exact same thing that we did four years ago. We stayed at the same hotel, then went to Acadia National Park. Four years ago, everything just seemed boring since I was only ten but this trip I thought I actually had some fun. 
On the second day morning, we went downtown to eat breakfast. Since there were so many restaurants, we just decided to go to the one that had the most people. We chose the most popular one but had to wait for about ten minutes. The restaurant had beach umbrellas and under it were the tables. It was so hot that day and a lot of dogs were there too. A brown lab sat next to us and the lady who seemed to be the owner tried to calm it down and kept making him “lie down” when he tried to greet the waiters. I had some blueberry pancakes and so did my sister and both my mom and dad ate omelettes. Honestly, their omelettes tasted a lot better than our pancakes. After breakfast, we walked around bar harbor and saw so many lobster cages. Since lobsters aren’t very smart, the cages to catch them were so easy. It was just a crate looking thing with a opening and the lobsters went in there. One thing I realized about Bar Harbor is that a lot of people brought their dogs. I really want a dog and looking at all the dogs pushed me even further to adopt a puppy. 
We had to go up a mountain when we went to the Acadia National Park. We had to go up a spiral way and the edges were cliffs, stabilized with rocks. It seemed really dangerous because our tire was deflated a little bit because we drove with the same car all the way from Boston for six hours. When we went all the way up, there were some rocks and just people who were taking pictures. Honestly this part of the trip really bored me since we took the same picture four years ago. We also saw a seagull and tried to feed it but it just flew away. 
My favorite part of the trip is probably going to Jordan Pond in the Acadia National Park. We walked the trail which was about three miles long and I thought it would be so tiring and awful but it wasn’t even that hot and I really like walking there. In the middle of the trail, they had boardwalks that you had to walk on instead of just the ground because they wanted to preserve the nature since its very fragile. There were a lot of dogs there too. They were all so cute and I realized that it would be so much fun to bring a dog with me to Maine if I ever had one. We had lunch at the Jordan Pond House Restaurant and it was probably one of the best meals I had. I had a lobster roll and two popovers. The popovers were so good. That restaurant was so busy that we had to wait about twenty minutes to sit inside. To sit outside, you had to wait about forty minutes and we were too hungry to wait after our trail. That was my lasts meal at Maine and even though I already went to the same restaurants and the same places four years ago, it was interesting to go to them again and experience them again.