Newton South High School, a school in Newton has a variety of different ethnicities and religions. I wrote this piece for my writing class about the difference of how a Jew spends Christmas, and about how a Christian spends Christmas in Newton. 

        Freshmen Rebecca Silverman sits at lunch, eating her Callah. Sitting with her is another freshman, Colleen Mcelduff, who eats her festive sugar cookies. They are both excited for the upcoming vacation, but for different reasons.
“I’m really excited for Christmas. I’m counting down the days on an app on my phone. We usually go to church on Christmas eve and we sing and stuff like that. Christmas is my favorite holiday.” Mcelduff says. Mcelduff whole family is Christian. They go to church every Sunday. On the other hand, Silverman who is a Jew,  is also excited for vacation.
“ My family is Jewish. So Christmas means spending time with my family since we don’t have school,” Silverman said. She also says that Christmas has no meaning to her.
“Obviously Christmas has no meaning [to me], but it’s not like I’m against it or anything, it’s just such a happy time in the year.” Silverman describes Christmas as being a great time of year.

Mcelduff says the the most exciting thing about the season is getting into the festive mood.

“I love just eating Christmas food, and I also love wearing Santa fuzzy socks, and just getting into that Christmas spirit,” Mcelduff said.

Another Jew here at Newton South High School, Noy Alon loves Chanukah and Christmas.

“I love Hanukkah, my grandma always comes to visit, and she does this crazy shopping, and she also makes, like, fifty potato kugels and they are so good,” Alon said.
“I love Christmas, since I have a lot of Christian friends, and my family isn’t crazy Jewish. But also, the holidays are fun for everyone,” Alon said.

Mcelduff says that she doesn’t have any bad memories regarding Christmas. 
“I don’t have any bad memories of Christmas because I feel like nothing goes wrong during Christmas. Even though I’m not a kid anymore, Christmas makes me feel like a kid again. I also love that we get presents,” She said. She thinks that it is the best time of the year.
Silverman agrees that it is the best time of year.
“Christmas means Hanukkah so I just celebrate Hanukkah instead of Christmas. But there was one time when I was little, I sat on Santa’s lap. That was fun.” SIlverman describes that there are a lot more celebrations for Christmas instead of Chanukah.

“I feel like Santa isn’t a Christian thing anymore. It’s a every kid type of thing. I feel like every kid sits on Santa’s lap,” She said.
“There are a lot of things for Christmas like the tree and stuff like that, and there aren’t a lot for Hanukkah, but I’m proud to be a Jew,” Silverman said.

“Rebecca and I are really good friends. She gets excited for Hanukkah and I get excited for Christmas and Winter Break. We live in “Jewton”, so there are a lot of Jews as well as Christians, or maybe even more [Jews]”.