Eternal Love

First he said let there be light and there was
Then he made everything else including 
Men and women and pigs and snakes and paws
The snake tricked the women about fruiting 
His person bit into the apple’s skins
Which created forever sin, lot of
He saved us all, from our ancestor’s sins
He poured us affection and endless love
Yet he chose to not destroy us with love
And granted a relationship with all
His great mighty love represents a dove
Then he promised eternity for y’all
Science tries to prove him unworthy of
His love is mightier than any love

[Explication for “Eternal Love”]

“Eternal Love” is my second poem which describes the love of God. 

This sonnet is about love, but instead of romantic love, it is about the love of God. I expressed the strong emotion of love by using biblical references. This sonnet starts with “First he said, let there be light” just like how it is shown in the bible. This poem makes a lot of connections to some of the bible stories, such as the story of Adam and Eve. I wanted the reader to feel a connection to this poem because of their previous knowledge of the well known story of Adam and Eve. 

The sonnet is an ABABCDCDEFEFGG and rhymes after every other line. Although some might say that this is not a sonnet because the rhyme pattern for the E’s and the D’s are the same. This happened because I put an emphasis on the word “love” and ended up repeating it. The word love is so important in this poem because there are so many different types of love that is incorporated in God’s love. In Christianity, God is also referenced as “Father” and this exemplifies the love between a father and son. 
I titled this poem “Eternal Love” because I talk about how no love is stronger than God’s love. There is a concept of heaven and hell in Christianity, and the readers are supposed to make a connection and acknowledge this while comprehending the poem. Heaven and Hell is believed to be eternal. In heaven, happiness is eternal, and in hell, pain is eternal. On Earth, God’s love is supposed to last forever. 

The reader is supposed to feel a connection to their personal experiences while reading this poem. Although the “God” in this poem represents Jesus, the love from any “God” is mighty and the readers experience love from their own God, whomever God it is. This poem is meant to take the readers through a love that lasts forever.