My writing has improved a lot this year, especially for analytical essays. I was never very good at writing a formal, five paragraph essay but I feel that this class really helped me improve with those, since we wrote them quite frequently. Looking back at my Eleanor and Park essay, I have acknowledged the fact that I was terrible at writing formal essays. I was only using everyday diction, had poor points and could never fully support my argument. For my Odyssey Heroes essay, which I wrote in February I could definitely see my progress while I was making an outline. I was using much better vocabulary, writing longer and more efficiently, as well as using better evidence and having solid points throughout the entire essay. Although this year’s English class really helped me improve in formal essay type writing, it made me lose track in my creative writing. We have only written a few creative writing pieces this year, including the poems. In middle school, there was not a lot of opportunities to write a formal essay, although there were many to write creative pieces. I felt that I was really strong in creative writing, considering the fact that I read tons of books. During my middle school years some teachers had me read some of my fictional pieces in front of the class, and I felt that my best quality was my creativity. I thought my poems and fictional writing were pretty original. When we were given a prompt to write a sonnet and a poem this year, I was really excited. But while trying to write those poems, I realized that I could not write original pieces as I could in middle school. Everything I wrote in my poem sounded very cliche. I think I would have to blame this on my lack of reading, because I feel that I have lost more interest in reading when coming into Freshman year. So recently, I have been trying to read more than I did. I have also joined Denebola this year which is really a really fun experience because feels like a real newspaper that people actually read. Taking Intro to Publications class really helped me learn the basics of journalism and I gained so much knowledge taking that class, such as online portfolios, multimedia, creating a blog, how to write ledes, event stories, profiles,reaction stories and most importantly, writing in a backwards triangle method. All in all, I think my writing has improved tremendously in essay style writing and journalism, although not in creative writing.