It’s a well-known fact that everyone has to report their SAT scores to their applying colleges as a part of their application, but many do not know which score they are supposed to send to which school. It is usually a great mystery as to when a student should report their amazing score which they through hard work, earned.

   Since 2009, CollegeBoard ( has started a program called “Score Choice” which allows student to select which score they want to send to their colleges. Before this program came out, students had to send all their SAT scores even if they took the test multiple times. Although this program allows more choice in which scores are sent, a student is not allowed to mix and match test sections. A student can only send in one test, from one day. However, because of this drawback, students  are allowed to be more relaxed the first time they take the official test.

   Although this program is great, some schools do not accept this selected score and therefore the student must be aware of which schools accept, or do not accept this system. Some schools still want to see all the scores. These are some schools which still would like all of your scores (keep in mind, that these are not all the schools):

o Carnegie Melon University
o Colgate University
o Columbia University
o Cornell University
o Georgetown University
o Rice University
o Stanford University
o Syracuse University
o Tufts
o University of California
o University of Pennsylvania
o Yale
o Others
Following these schools, the following are some of the schools which take the Highest Sitting scores. Students must send in all of their scores; however the school will only apply the highest total SAT score for the student’s application.
o Pennsylvania State University
o University of Minnesota
o University of Wisconsin
o Others

   Some schools will take the Highest Section scores. Students can select one date’s test score, but they are allowed to send in all of their received scores. From here, schools will select the highest scores of each section and sum up the highest score per section. Also, these types of college considers the student’s highest section scores through all their SAT scores and each time a score is submitted the college will update your application with any new high scores.  Harvard and Princeton University are an example of these types of schools.

   Finally, a few schools strongly encourage their students to submit scores each time they take the SAT. The consideration of enrollment-related opportunities is benefitted from when a student sends in their scores each time.

   Therefore, students have a wide range to choose from and should consider their score selection very carefully. To add to this dilemma, there are now two available options in reporting a score to a school. First, a student can report the score on the same day of their test, which the second option is to wait until after the test. If one selects the option to report a score on the same day of the test, there is no report fee, but the score gets sent even if the score is not satisfactory. Even though there is a drop back, if a student has chosen to select schools under the category of a college accepting all scores, it would be wise to select report to school option instead of paying the fee later. The service fee is $10.00.

   In summary, there are three types of schools. First, some schools require all of the students’ scores. Second, schools which only would like their highest total score, but students should still send in all their scores. And third, schools which only want the highest score from their applicants. Make sure to know which type of school your applying schools are good luck!

Eugenia Kim, KSNE