“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer- Had a very shiny nose- And if you ever saw it- You would even say it glows…”(Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer) It is finally snowing outside, and it means that it is officially winter. I know that winter already arrived in late November, but to me, it is winter time only when snow starts piling in Boston. 

     My favorite season is winter. I love everything about it. Most of my friends like summer better because you get to hang out outside and go to the beach, but I absolutely prefer winter. I love snow, winter clothes, skiing and skating, and even shoveling. I feel so thankful to live in a place where there is snow. I think snow makes things so magical. Everything turns white and it looks so pure and innocent. That’s why I would always want a White Christmas. If all the trees are still green on Christmas Day, it would be boring. I like making snowmans in my back yard, and my sister and I would watch them melt away. It always makes me a little tingly on the inside when I see the snow melt and the trees go green. I also love the winter outfits, warm and fuzzy socks, and even itchy wool sweaters. After the outdoor activities such as skiing, skating, or even shoveling, I like to snuggle into my bed sipping hot cocoa with a book to read. 
     During the winter time, Boston is stunning. Since our winter is so long, there are a lot more activities in winter than in summer. Black Friday is the beginning of the holiday sales. All malls are crowded with people stocking their holiday gifts. The ponds are frozen for skating. It is fun to skate outdoor. If you go to downtown Boston, you would see so many decorated trees, and they are very, very pretty. I just feel really happy during the winter time. There are great sledding places around my house, and I literally love sledding. I like it because not only I need any skill to get down the hill, but also I feel like I’m on a ride at a theme park. It’s easier than skiing which requires me to work my muscles to go down the hill. 

     Although I like winter a lot, sometimes, I would complain about it. Snow could get all murky and muddy from the mixture of rain and snow. Shoveling out in the cold could make me feel that my hands and nose would fall off. My house could get wet brown spots because of the snow off my shoes. I feel like that the snow overpowers me and invades my cozy warm house. However, these feelings go away instantly because I love winter so much. 

     I really hope that everyone could get in a jolly winter mood and enjoy holiday season. I feel that winter gives a lot of fun things to do more than to complain. I hope everyone feels the same way as much as I do and enjoys it.