“Alcohol is a reality in the lives of young adults”(CNN News).
  Teens these days are crazy. They party like crazy and they know that nothing can stop them. Sometimes, it involves drinking or doing drugs. I agree, both of those things are awful. It will hurt you if you become addicted and it will be hard to stop, once you start. But teens at the age of 18 or older, are adults in America, and they should have the freedom to consume alcohol and enjoy themselves if they wanted to. 

In my opinion, drugs are worse than drinking. Drinking is legal but a lot of drugs are illegal. Kids these days are harder to control, and they probably won’t take the law as seriously as they should. If having a drink at the bar becomes harder for them, they will entertain themselves with drugs and other “bad things”. Teenagers will also try to create fake IDs to get into bars and they will break even more laws trying to do that. If the law isn’t effective, why have it? 

  One of the biggest problems of the United States is that teens are able to get contact with drugs. I too, have seen kids with drugs or cigarettes at the mall and local stores. “Surveys at the East Carolina University in the US found that when the drinking age was raised from 19 to 21, 22% of students reported that they intended to use other drugs as drinking became illegal for people of their age”(Idebate.org). 

If 18 year olds are not allowed to enjoy a drink, then why are they allowed to vote in elections, serve on a jury, sue people, go into the military and get married? 

Also, our economy is a pretty important subject in the world. If the age limit to drinking is lowered to 18, teens would be able to drink more in bars and restaurants and great money would be collected from the government from tax. 

Kids learning how to drink at home in a safe environment would de-mystefy the thrill of alcohol and prevent it from being the “forbidden fruit”. Jews, Italians, Greeks, French, Spanish, Portuguese and many other cultures typically introduce their children to alcoholic beverages to plant a sense that it is better to learn to drink in their parents house than at a bar. 

77% of American parents supports the current drinking age of 21. They predict that their kids are not ready to drink yet. A drinking age minimum of 21 has not changed the reality. It’s time to try something different.