Among SAT tests, most students consider the Critical Reading Section to be the most difficult section.  Furthermore, we see that most Korean students think Reading comprehension part is the most difficult and therefore receive the lowest score.   However, if you think carefully, this part should be the easiest part because the answer is in the passage in front of you!


1.  Main idea: Question asking about the main idea in the passage.   This type of questions is to measure the compression skill of the student.
- The passage is primarily concerned with
- The author’s main purpose in this passage is
- Which of the following best describes the passage?
- Which of the following statements best summarizes the main idea in the passage?


2. Inference: this part is to test students’ ability to see the critical analysis ability in depth
This is the part to find out what the passage has meanings and the question types are as below.
- The author implies that
- According to the passage, it is likely
- The passage suggests that the author would support which of the following views?
- Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?


3. Specific Detail:  Questions about detail and specific part in the passage
These types of questions to expect specific and explicit answers to the questions. It is also called “Context reference.” These types of questions provide answer choices which are very similar to the exact text
- According to the author
- In the passage the chief characteristic of the subjet is
- Which of the following is best supported by the passage?
- Which is NOT cited in the passage as evidence of?


4. Tone
This part requires comprehension skills  to identify the empathy or feelings of the characters in the passage and comprehension skills to read author’s intention of writing the passage and author’s intention what the author wants to deliver the message.
-The author’s tone in the passage is that of a person attempting to
-The character’s reaction is marked by an attitude of
-The passage indicates that the author experiences a feeling of
-Which of the following best describes the writer’s tone?
These types of questions are also the same types of questions in an AP test.  It is very beneficial for AP test takers, as well as SAT testers.


5. Organization/Technique
These types of questions are to measure if student can see the organization method or technique to compose each paragraph.
-Which of these best describes the development of the passage?
-The author does all of the following EXCEPT
-In presenting the argument the author
-The relationship between the two passages (paragraphs) can be described as


6. Contextual Vocabulary
This part is to test if students are able to identify the definition of the vocabulary implied in the passage. Even though students might know the definition of the vocabulary, but they may not be able to identify the meaning implied within the passage.
-In the passage the term …can best be described as
-As it is used in the passage the phrase …is used to mean that
-In line “58” the word …means
-The author uses the phrase … to present
It is very important to train students’ comprehension and reading proficiency skill sets as described above and before to start to study SAT, it is important to find out the most effective learning style.  And many of times, the teaching method for learning disability students can be applied to most of students because the method is very critical and concrete, so it will be beneficial to read about learning disability and reflect how students study individually.


Translated by Eugenia Kim