“You are all so insignificant in this big, big world… and although, you are so small and so insignificant, God still chooses to have a relationship with each and every one of you… Let us pray.” The speaker said as he showed us a magnificent slideshow of our solar system. Then came the sniffles, the muffled voices and cries in the room. This was my church retreat, and the emotions were kicking in. I never thought that I would become such a Jesus lover, but I was slowly becoming more and more passionate about God and his words because of this powerful sermon, and this is probably one of the most meaningful moments that really shaped me into who I am today. Although some might think that it’s weird that I’m applying to a young writers summer camp with my sermon from church, but I feel that Christianity has became a big part of who I am today.  

Before my retreat, I wasn’t very passionate about God, meaning I couldn’t connect with him. Even when my friends were sobbing out of faith, I felt absolutely nothing whenever I prayed. I thought of myself as a pretty good Christian and thought to myself ‘I’m probably going to go to heaven’, but boy was I wrong. I didn’t know that Christianity was having a relationship with God. Connecting and actually acquiring real, true, faithful feelings for him. I always thought that being a “Christian” was simply just going to church, praying, praising him. Now you might be wondering… So what is this sermon of yours that’s so special? 

The sermon was about humanity, and our insignificance. I think most people, including me don’t realize that we are so small, in size but also in significance. I realized that I always thought of myself as special. I didn’t know why or how to praise God because I didn’t think he was that important. During the sermon, my pastor brought out a slideshow that mesmerized my brain and took over. The slideshow compared human to the size of our country, our continent, our planet, our galaxy,our solar system, and our milky way galaxy. I forgot about everything at the moment when listening to the sermon and looking at the slideshow, because I felt as if God was really there, and I could feel the love. I just cried my heart out and prayed to him, and I begged for forgiveness. It was amazing. 

This experience was really powerful because it showed me that Jesus, the one who created it all knew my name and my everything. I also learned that he should be my everything. He chose to know me and to love me. He actually did that to all of us. He decided save all of us to love me by spilling his blood and dying on the cross. I felt so guilty after that sermon because I really learned why I had to be at church every sunday, and be praising him and sobbing for him. it really gave me the core reason to praise God. 

I know that not everyone thinks like I do and I love that I can have a  diversity of friends of different religions and beliefs.  I’m also definitely not saying I’m going to become a pastor when I am older, or live my life for Jesus, but that I really felt something strong hearing that sermon. I think know what a living as a “Christian” means now, and I am going to be trying my hardest to live by those guidelines.