This weekend, I performed my Spring Showcase 2014 for Boston Ballet. It was something we had been preparing and rehearsing for months and the time has finally came. Every year, we perform the Boston Ballet’s annual Spring Showcase and it is our one and only performance of the year. From the level Elementary 1 through Advanced 3, there is a total of nine levels. Each level does a class progression dance and a character dance. The class progression dance is a classical ballet dance and the character dance is folk dancing of different countries. In my level, Advanced 1, we performed the “Hungarian Dance” for character. It was a difficult dance and we got in a lot of trouble from our character teacher for doing it wrong during rehearsal. She gave us a pep talk before our performance and told us about the meaning of the dance and how we really have to show our emotions. Our character costume was a lavender leotard with flower headpieces and a matching skirt. We really put ourselves through it with the character dance and I put all my emotions into my dancing. That dance really meant a lot to me because my class wanted to show our character teacher that we could totally do it right and show our emotions through dancing.
After our class progression pieces and our character dances, we went into Alice in Wonderland. Every year, we have a show that we perform, last year it was the Seasons which was a more of a classical ballet dance and this year was more of a story telling and it was Alice in Wonderland. I was one of the flowers and one of the cards. I loved doing both because flowers was a very graceful piece with hot pink tutus and flower headpiecies. The card was a card costume with a black unitard and I would have to say that I liked the card a bit more because it was just much fun and less strict. I also had to change my costume from flower to card and it was a mess because I only had about 10 minutes to change and take off my pointe shoes and get ready to do the card dance. It was really tiring and sometimes annoying but it was still fun to be with my friends and get into costumes and feel what it feels like to be a dancer. 
Next Year we would be performing Peter Pan or Snow White for the storytelling part of Spring Showcase. There were a lot of seniors gradutating this year and I will miss them all very very much. They were amazing dancers and I am so glad that I had the chance to perform with them. Seniors will be going off to college and I know that it will not be soon until I graduate, only four years left. But I learned that I would have to enjoy dancing and having performances like Spring Showcase instead of becoming tired and a bit annoyed. Boston Ballet is giving me and a lot of other girls a wonderful oppurtunity and I am so glad to be a part of it. We also changed our stage from Babson College to the John Hancock Hall. To be honest I like the Babson College better because I feel that it was a lot more cozier. I really enjoyed participating in the Spring Showcase this year and hope to do it again.