During the school year, most kids can’t wait to get out of school for summer vacation. In the summer, the kids usually travel to different places, go off to summer camps or just hang out. According to “Buzzfeed”, the top places to travel during the summer are Maui,  Paris, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. As you can see, every one of these places are very tropical except for Paris. It is weird to think that even during the hot summer, people want to visit somewhere hot. The beach is usually a popular place to go in the summer because it has a cooling ocean. Sometimes, kids make money by having a bake sale or a lemonade stand. I really want to make some money and so I really want to try having a lemonade stand or a bake sale. 

    Buzzfeed also said there are 60 things you have to do this summer. Some of their suggestions are, 1. Take a mini road trip just to eat something amazing. 2. Make ice cream from scratch. These are funny things, but it makes summer fun.

I am visiting Korea this summer and I am very excited to see all my cousins and family. I have not been there for two years and I miss it so much. I have about two weeks and I am already packing!  For me, visiting Korea is very important because it is so much fun to hang out with my cousins and it also reminds me of my childhood memories. Everyone has their special summer place but for me, going to Korea is the strongest because I am Korean and it leaves a strong impression for me. Summer also creates a lot of memories with your family and friends and so summer is my favorite season. Kids miss summer during the school year, but we miss school after a few weeks of summer. 

    I am also very excited to go into eighth grade next year, with the fact that it will be my last middle school year. Seventh grade was a bad year, with a sprinkle of drama. That year was pretty much dedicated to ballet. There are a lot of things I regret from Seventh grade such as not auditioning for “The Nutcracker” and also, because it was my last full year with all my friends for ballet, there are some things I really shouldn’t have done. I am very excited for eighth grade next year and I am so happy that seventh grade is over. Summer is a break from school to relax and have fun!