Ten people, including Rev. Abiel Holmes, father of author Oliver Wendell Holmes, gathered in the mansion of William Thurston on Beacon Hill in 1809, to discuss the organization of a Congregational church in this area. By mid-March, the committee located a site at the corner of Park and Tremont Streets, atop the site of Boston’s town grain storage building, or granary, and Park Street Church was founded


Designed by Peter Banner, the 217 ft. steeple of this church was once the first landmark travelers saw when approaching Boston. Celebrating its Bicentennial in 2009, Park Street Church’s lofty architecture reflects an even loftier mission of human rights and social justice. Prison reform began in this church, women’s suffrage was strongly supported here, and some of the first and most impassioned protests against slavery were delivered inside these hallowed walls.

Park Street Church became known for supporting Abolitionist causes, hosting an anti-slavery lecture series as early as 1823. As part of the lecture series, a young William Lloyd Garrison delivered his first major public Abolitionist speech, on July 4, 1829. Still active in Boston as a Congregationalist church, it continues to hold weekly religious services. Located on the Freedom Trail, the Park Street Church is one of the most historically significant buildings in the story of the Aboloition's history of the nation.


파크 스트리트 교회 Park Street Church


교회는 특이하게도 다른 교회와는 달리 하얀 팔각형의 첨탑을 지녔는데 첨탑의 높이가 무려 217피트나 된다고 합니다. 1809년에 설계되었고 1812년의 영미전쟁 때에는 화약의 원료가 되는 유황의 창고로 사용되기도 해서 한때는 '유황의 모퉁이'로도 불리기도 했으며 1829년에는 윌리엄 로이드 개리슨이 미국에서 처음으로 노예제도 반대연설을 곳으로 이름이 알려지기 시작했습니다. 후로도 종종 노예제도 폐지를 주장하는 집회장소로도 사용되었습니다. 오래된 역사를 간직한 만큼 낡았지만 그럼에도 불구하고 웅장함과 고고함이 풍겨 숙연해지는 장소입니다.

위치: Park St.
문의 : (617)523-3383
오픈: 7~8 -토요일 9:00~15:00
외의 기간: 예약
일요 예배 9:00, 10:45, 17:30
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