Established in 1660, the Granary is notable as the resting place of BostonÂ’s most famous sons. Named for the 12,000 bushel grain storage building that was next door, the graveyard has 2,345 markers. Some say as a many as 8,000 people were buried here.


The InfantÂ’s Tomb #203 where an estimated 500 children have been interred is located near the central obelisk that marks the graves of Benjamin FranklinÂ’s parents. Alongside the far wall to the southwest is the elaborately embellished marker of John HancockÂ’s tomb. Toward the rear Paul Revere is buried; a larger marker placed in the 19th Century stands by a small slate marker that dates from RevereÂ’s burial. Bookend monuments in the two front corners of the burial ground represent patriots James Otis and Samuel Adams. Sam Adams had the Boston Massacre victims interred in his family tomb, and so beside the marker of that tomb is one for the victims: Crispus Attucks, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, James Caldwell, and Patrick Carr. On the right hand wall is a plaque marking the tomb of Robert Treat Paine. He along with Sam Adams and John Hancock brings the number of signers of the Declaration of Independence buried in Granary to three.


Granary Burying Ground
Tremont Street
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